Therapeutic support and mentoring for children, young people and families

Bright Paths deliver a school outreach service and family support within the community. Our targeted behaviour support plans are bespoke, holistic and differentiated to achieve the highest levels of impact. Bright Paths services include one to one mentoring, group workshops and consulting.

All of our work is evidence-based and nurtures positive social, emotional and behavioural development.  

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Children’s support services – Family

Parents and guardians can elect to access our service remotely (online) or in person.


Provided you are based in one of the following local authorities; we can offer face to face support on an outreach basis:

  • Luton
  • Central Bedfordshire
  • Bedford
  • Hertfordshire
  • Milton Keynes
  • East Buckinghamshire

Each session is tailored to the young person’s individual needs. The service user has access to the highest quality resources, and the most appropriate activities are selected to keep engagement high and allow the young person to feel a natural flow in positive interaction and support.

To further develop long-term behavioural changes in the child / young person, we work alongside guardians and schools where possible.

Bright Paths is proven to be particularly effective in helping our young service users develop strategies to cope with anxiety, anger management, emotional regulation, social / communication skills, self-esteem and resilience.

We find that during and after our intervention, young people are able to make more informed and affirmed choices regarding friendship and safety (both online and in-person).

Our SEN (and visual) support is often integral in helping young service users improve emotional regulation, communication skills and promote positive behaviour.

Not all students present with difficulties in school. Parents/guardians are welcome to access our service independent to school.

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Accessing our virtual service

During the Covid 19 pandemic, we have found an increased number of service users taking advantage of our online zoom intervention option.

Our online platform serves young people and families from all over the UK and is more affordable for families. 

Anxiety, low mood, self-esteem and resilience are topics that work very well using this delivery method. As with one to one sessions, all interventions are bespoke and targeted to enhance emotional wellbeing and better mental health.

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Targetted support and mentoring – School Outreach

Bright Paths provide a range of interventions and targeted support to help support students who present with challenging behaviour, emerging mental health concerns or are struggling in the mainstream setting due to SEN. We reduce barriers to learning and aid students in improving their confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Our intervention can also be instrumental in avoiding individual students permanent or fixed-term exclusion.

We conduct assessments at the start and end of each intervention, using ‘Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires’ (SDQ’s) and goal-based outcomes (GBO’s), which guide the intervention in a child-centred manner. These assessments also allow us to access the impact achieved and provide individual written reports.

The evidence produced by Bright Paths can be used in students IEP’s, pastoral support plans and at panel meetings.

You may like to consider using pupil premium to fund BrightPaths Provision. (Therapy, counselling and specialist provision are recognised uses of pupil premium.) For more information see out FAQ‘s.

Alternatively, If your school urgently requires mental health support for your students in the wake of the pandemic, you can apply for up to £4000 worth of mental health provision from within the Now and Beyond community of approved and vetted providers. Now and Beyond have launched the UK’s first online database of approved mental health and wellbeing providers for young people.  It’s a one stop shop for educators searching for local provisions and Bright Paths are proud to be a part of it. Click here for a link to apply for funding.

Children's support services & Mentoring

Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) support

Support with social, emotional and mental health is at the very heart of the service that we provide.

We recommend that schools refer students to Bright Paths when emerging mental health concerns or other changes in behaviour are first identified. Not only does investing in early support drastically help young people and families, but it also prevents situations from escalating and requiring further costly clinical interventions.

Bright Paths is frequently used when students do not meet the criteria for or engage well with alternative provisions such as a school counsellor, art therapist or internal staff. We can often help when students are awaiting referrals for specialist services and need immediate short term support.

Services - School Outreach

Specialised support for challenging behaviour and SEN

Similar to our SEMH support, we provide specialised interventions whereby the main objective is to improve the behaviour of students at risk of exclusion.

Bright Paths behaviour support typically involves mentoring each student whilst working closely with the pastoral/inclusion team or SENDCo to explore patterns in behaviour logs and support developing and reviewing pastoral support plans (PSP’s).

Our team also excels at supporting students with neurological disorders such as ASD and ADHD into the mainstream school environment by developing social skills, emotional regulation, coping skills, and incorporating visual and auditory strategies in the classroom.

Breakdown of benefits delivered to the young person by Bright Paths

We promote a growth mindset in young people in which they are in control of their own choices and ability. Setbacks such as poor academic achievement or limited social skills stop being perceived as a negative comment on the individual learner. They are instead viewed as an inspiration to learn, develop and improve.

Below, we have listed some of the most common areas Bright Paths are asked to help individual users develop in the school environment:

  • Anxiety / low mood
  • Emotional regulation / anger management
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Friendship issues
  • Resilience /Self-esteem 
  • SEN support
  • Social and communication skills
  • KS2 to KS3 transition
  • Staying safe and avoiding hazardous behaviour

Group Workshops 

Separate from the one to one interventions, schools may want to take advantage of our group workshops and interventions.

Working in small groups can be a fantastic way to provide quality support to a larger number of students on a smaller budget, particularly if some group members are pupil premium.

Group programmes are adapted to cater for the individual needs of the pupils in attendance.

Workshops that achieve the most significant impact typically focus on resilience building, friendship issues, social skills and KS2-KS3 transition.

Drop-in sessions

These lunchtime sessions are booked by students and are not referral-based, allowing students to access support as and when they need it. In addition, our drop-in sessions can be utilised as a part of your whole school approach to emotional wellbeing.

Students who require guidance for small and immediate concerns are able to access a platform to speak in a safe, controlled environment. This is particularly helpful when they do not feel comfortable discussing issues with teaching staff. 

We have found these sessions are instrumental in generating a platform to safeguard children and signpost to specialised agencies for support.

Staff/Parent Training

Emerging psychological approaches and issues in society (such as the mental impact of lockdowns resulting from the pandemic) often create a need for specific guidance for parents and designated school staff. 

A major benefit of our training and professional support is that a more significant number of parents or school staff can benefit at one time, at a lower cost to schools/funders. This allows the school to lead and develop a wholeschool approach to support mental health and wellbeing.

We also offer school staff PSP training and advice.

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