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Price list

BrightPaths delivers a comprehensive range of services with diverse pricing options and subsidies to ensure accessibility for all.

Your initial discovery meeting is completely free, so please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we can give you an accurate quote and let you know if there are any funding options available.

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1:1 Intervention



per session

Face-to-face targeted support delivered in the school environment for students with emerging mental health concerns or challenging behaviour.

Each intervention is bespoke to the individual, and pre and post wellbeing assessments are completed.

Group Mentoring



per session

Group sessions for 6-8 pupils over 4-8 weeks, focusing on themes such as understanding anxiety, mindfulness, emotional regulation, healthy relationships, and school transition.

These workshops are designed to meet the unique needs of each group.

Pupil Workshops



for a 2-hour workshop

One-off workshops for groups of 12+ pupils or entire classes, exploring specific themes such as coping skills or healthy relationships

Partner School

Price varies

Our Partner School service offers schools the opportunity to secure customised, long-term support, with the flexibility of a dedicated support worker in school for 3+ hours per week with an optional lunchtime drop-in wellbeing hub. Support is tailored to each school’s specific needs and invoiced on a termly basis.

Please contact us for a bespoke quote

Staff Training



for a 2-hour workshop (up to 30 delegates)

Customised training packages to meet your school’s specific requirements. Our past training sessions have covered topics such as strategies for promoting emotional well-being in the school environment, understanding and addressing ADHD, identifying signs often missed in girls and making reasonable adjustments to support every student’s unique learning needs.

Y.E.S Mentoring



Our remote light touch online mentoring sessions, designed for children aged 11 to 18 (up to 24 for those with Special Educational Needs), are conducted in a comfortable environment chosen by the child. Currently offered at no cost to residents of Central Bedfordshire, our service accepts referrals from professionals, parents, guardians, and children aged 16 and above. With nationwide availability, sessions begin at just £7.50 each. Contact us to learn more or initiate the referral process, and let us provide the support your child needs.

Frequently asked questions about pricing

Some schools and individuals may be eligible for free or highly discounted support, depending upon the funding opportunities available.

Your initial discovery meeting is completely free, so please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we can give you an accurate quote and let you know if there are any funding options available.

Schools may consider using pupil premium to fund BrightPaths Provision. (Therapy, counselling and specialist provision are recognised uses of pupil premium.) For more information, view our Price List.

Alternatively, If your school urgently requires mental health support for your students in the wake of the pandemic, you can apply for up to £4,000 worth of mental health provision from within the Now and Beyond community of approved and vetted providers. Now and Beyond has launched the UK’s first online database of approved mental health and wellbeing providers for young people. It’s a one-stop shop for educators searching for local provisions and BrightPaths are proud to be a part of it. Apply for funding here.

Many schools utilise their pupil premium budget to fund Bright Paths Provision; therapy, counselling, and specialist provision are recognised uses of pupil premium. When this is not an option, parents in a position to do so may wish to self-fund, and we are happy to facilitate this.

Additionally, we offer subsidies for pupil premium students, look after children, and young carers. In situations where there is genuinely no way to fund a student’s support, please get in touch, as we really don’t want to see any child go unsupported. Don’t forget, there is also the option of Y.E.S mentoring.

Currently, Y.E.S. Mentoring is funded through grants and donations, allowing us to offer the program to families at no cost. However, as funding is competitive, we do ask parents/guardians to contribute financially if they are able to do so through our donations page. Even a very low amount can make a difference; every little helps. This ensures continued accessibility for all in need.

At present, we offer a 15% discount for students from low-income families, as evidenced by pupil premium eligibility, as well as for young carers and looked-after children. Please note that the availability of this discount is subject to change depending on funding levels and restrictions. We remain committed to ensuring that vulnerable children and young people have access to the support they need, and we will adjust our discount policies accordingly to best serve their needs within our means.

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If you are responsible for the emotional wellbeing of a child or young person, contact us now for a no-obligation consultation to see how we can best help.

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